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The Truth Behind Smelly Feet

Posted on March 15 2016

Smelly Feet


Oh how we miss the days of flip-flops and sandals, free from thick socks and warm boots. 

During the winter you either suffer from wet soggy feet, or overly heated feet, which can both cause some seriously unwanted odors.

But heavy socks and wet shoes aren’t the only culprits to blame for smelly feet. Since we specialize in keeping your feet looking fresh, the Yo sox team has scoured the Internet to find all of the other reasons why your feet might smell less than desirable. 

You Wear A Certain Pair of Shoes Too Much
Wearing the same pair of shoes every single day can cause sweat to soak into the material, so if you don’t allow the shoes to properly dry, you’ll always be dealing with unwanted odor.

Your Feet Are Dirty
Just because you took a shower and rinsed off doesn’t mean that you properly cleaned yourself. Properly washing your feet and drying them thoroughly is crucial to avoiding smell. So next time you have a shower, make sure to wash your feet with soap or body wash.

Your Shoes Haven’t Been Cleaned
Any shoes that you exercise in or wear during any vigorous activity need to be washed frequently in order to avoid smelling. You can even sprinkle the inside of each shoe with baking soda to deodorize any unwanted smells.

You Wear Old Socks 
If you’re wearing socks that cant properly absorb sweat, like 100 per cent cotton socks, sweat can get trapped in the soles of your shoes, which can cause some cringe-worthy smells. 

The Yo Sox team recommends wearing compact cotton socks, which can wick away moisture and prevent smell. All of our awesome socks are anti-microbial and breathable so that your feet stay clean and fresh all day.

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