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Set Yourself Up For Your Most Productive Week Ever

Posted on May 30 2016

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Starting your week off on a positive note can always be challenging, especially in the warmer summer months when you would do anything to have another day off to hangout in the sun. 

And Monday morning always happens to be the time when we usually suffer from the shock of going from an awesome carefree weekend, to a structured work week. On the weekend you can get away with eating whenever you want, chill with your friends, and report to nobody but yourself. Work days force you to wear uncomfortable work clothes, eat at a timely manner, and you’re constantly reporting back to your boss and following a strict schedule. 

That's why planning ahead can make your work week much more enjoyable. Because if you start your week organized and on a positive note, you’re guaranteed a week of success.

Which is why you should do the following things every Sunday to set yourself up for the week ahead.

Organize Your To-Do List:
Go through each day of the week and list what you need to do in the order of importance. From errands at home, to jobs at work to buying some awesome new socks, all things need to be listed. Because no matter how bad of a day you’re having you’ll always feel accomplished knowing that you’ve checked a few things off of your list. 

Do Your Laundry:
You can’t start your week off right if you don’t have any clean clothes to wear. Do your laundry for the week every Sunday night. This way you’ll be able to mentally plan what you want to wear each day of the week and you’ll never be left scrambling to find your favourite pair of socks before rushing out the door.

Organize Your Bag:
You need to ensure you head to work prepared with all of the things you’ll need throughout the day. That means taking out your bathing suit from the weekend!

Prep Your Meals:

If your fridge isn’t already stocked up with nutritious snacks and groceries, make your way to the grocery store and purchase everything you’ll need for your meals for the week. Once you have everything you need start your meal prep immediately and prepare your lunches for the week. This will not only save you so much time in the morning, but this way you know you’ll always eat something healthy.

Plan Your Outfits:
You're going to be groggy on Monday morning, so make getting ready that much easier by preparing outfits before the week begins. That means picking out everything from accessories down to your awesome socks. 


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