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Galaxy Donuts are Officially a Thing

Posted on June 14 2016



It always seems like pastry chefs are light years ahead of everyone else when it comes to discovering new mouth-watering food trends.

Which is why we’re happy to share an out of this world discovery with you that is making its way through the baking world— galaxy donuts. Yes, they exist and you need to try them ASAP.

And while specialty bakeshops have been whipping up impressive space themed desserts for quite a while, it seems that their creations have really been picking up steam this spring, giving us a taste of the great unknown.

Because if you’re anything like the Yo Sox team, you’ll agree that there are far things better in life than a visually appealing dessert. 

Imagine frosting that resembles a starry nights sky and transports you to a galaxy far away. These are the desserts that are so gorgeous; you almost don't want to eat them.

These awe-inspiring desserts are taking Instagram, and Twitter by storm and hopefully will be making an appearance near you soon.

So until you are able to get your hands on a dozen (or two) of these delectable bad boys, the Yo Sox team has your feet covered with some funky socks. We have space socks that are truly out of this world, but most importantly we have donut socks that seriously look good enough to eat. You can find these awesome socks (and other socks too) on our online shop or in select stores. 

Space and Donut Socks

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