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The Symbolism Of Color

Posted on June 17 2015

We are influenced both consciously and subconsciously by color.  It triggers our actions and emotions.  But what are these hidden meanings and how do they factor into our fashions.  

Our Stylists at Yo Sox have put together their thoughts on the subject and how they choose the colors used in the cool and unique socks.  While many different things factor into their design process it always goes back to color for our lifestyle socks.

 RED:  The most aggressive of colors spanning the spectrum of emotions of aggression and danger to love and passion.


PINK:  Tranquility, love and romance. 


BEIGE:  Simplicity and Calmness.


YELLOW:  Probably the most conflicted color, yellow can signify joy, happiness and optimism, as well as caution, jealously and deceit. 


DARK BLUE:  Honesty, knowledge and power.


BLUE:  Stability, harmony and loyalty.


PURPLE:  Royalty, nobility and wisdom.


GREEN:  Green with envy?  Yes, but green also represents good luck and generosity.


BROWN:  Stability and reliability. 


GREY:  Intelligence, modesty and dignity.


WHITE:  For your purist, we understand white (in some artistic circles) is not considered a color but rather an absence of color but to designers of this popular fun sock brand…it’s a color!  White signifies purity, innocence and cleanliness.


BLACK:  Power, sexuality, wealth and mystery.


So what is your current wardrobe saying about you?  Don’t let others dictate your fashion expressions.  Take the preverbal bull by the horn or in this case the sock by the cuff and start from the bottom up with cool and hip socks from Yo Sox.     

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