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Must See: 5 Famous Artworks Inspired by Socks

Posted on June 28 2015

We like to think that our socks truly are fuzzy masterpieces, each design as unique as any artwork in the Louvre. Perhaps we even inspired some art geniuses with our colorful socks. Take a look for yourself!

  1. JASPER JOHNS “Flag” MoMa   Yo Sox™ American Flag Socks


  1. ROY LICHENSTEIN “Whaam” -TATE Modern Yo Sox™ Ka-Pow! Superhero Socks


  1. DAMIEN HIRST “The Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living” TATE Modern Yo Sox™ Blue Shark Socks


  1. Van Gogh “The Starry Night” MoMa Yo Sox™ Blue and Purple Paisley Knee Socks


  1. ANDY WARHOL “Dollar Signs” The Andy Warhol Museum Yo Sox™ The Elite Sock

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