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Top 4 Health Benefits To Wearing Socks!

Posted on July 03 2015


Although socks may not seem like some magical elixir that can cure ailments and make you young again, there are actually many health benefits to wearing socks. Yo Sox™ is here to count down some of the hidden health secrets of wearing our colorful socks. 


  1. Get silky smooth feet: Lets be honest, everyone likes to have smooth feet. You can achieve this by applying a bit of lotion on your feet before bed and then slipping on a pair of fuzzy socks. The socks will help lock in the moisture and have your feet feeling amazing the next day. 
  1. Keep your feet healthy: Wearing socks can actually prevent from foot diseases and infections, such as athletes foot. Yuck! By wearing socks you are preventing chafing between the toes that leads to such problems. 
  1. Avoid that head cold: Socks keep your feet warm (we know…who would have guessed) and this in turn helps prevent that pesky cold you always seem to get in the winter. 
  1. Keep feet fresh: Socks help with stopping your feet from perspiring. This saves you from smelly feet and more importantly, ruining that brand new pair of loafers.

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