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7 Crazy Emoji Facts You Won't Believe

Posted on July 20 2015

This past Friday, June 17th, was National Emoji Day! We were so busy celebrating we forgot to post about it. Our bad! But as the saying goes: better late than never. During our festivities, we learned a surprising amount about our favorite Japanese characters:

 Photo by Unicode

  1. You’re Using Them Wrong: A lot of emojis don’t actually mean what we assume they mean. In fact, we’re using many completely wrong: the emoji seemingly used to convey anger or frustration by exhaling steam is actually called the “Look of Triumph” Emoji .


  1. The Taco Emoji is Almost Here: Taco Bell Fans rejoice, the taco emoji is set to release sometime in the next year. It has already been approved by the Unicode Consortium (a fancy name for people that give Emoji’s the A-Ok). Other emojis that we will soon be seeing include a block of cheese, bacon, and a bottle of champagne with the cork flying. Cheers!


  1. Some Emoji’s Have Hidden Messages: If you zoom into the “book emoji” you can actually see tiny words written on the pages. The text is from Apple’s “Think Different” advertisement.



  1. There Is an Emoji Book: “Emoji Dick” is a book that rewrites all of Moby Dick using only emojis and yes you can totally buy a hard cover version.


  1. Not All Emoji’s are PG: Instagram has banned the eggplant emoji hashtag as the content is usually NSFW and violates the Instagram terms of conduct. Probabaly because the eggplant looks like a… well you can figure it out. 

Photo by Brain Jet

  1. The Dancing Girl Emoji Has No Hands: Mind blowing…we know.
  1. Emoji Clothing Is a Thing: There’s no such thing as too many Emojis. These fun little characters are the perfect addition to any conversation and our awesome Yo Sox Emoji Socks are the perfect addition to any outfit! ;) :P

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