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How To Organize Your Sock Drawer

Posted on October 27 2015

Sock Drawer


There is nothing worse than oversleeping, scrambling to get ready and then being delayed because your sock drawer is in total disarray and you can't find a matching pair to save your life. Well, have no fear because Yo Sox is here to help you get your sock drawer under control to ensure you are dressed and out the door and still have time to grab some Starbucks on your way to work.

Yo Sox understands that a true sock connoisseur owns more pairs of awesome socks than you can count on your toes, so follow our simple steps to turn your drawer of unmatched and unsorted socks and turn it into an organized paradise! (Martha Stewart will be proud!)

First things first:

-Throw out any socks with holes, worn out heels, stretched out designs or stained soles.

-Return any socks that belong in another family member or roommate's sock drawer.

-Return any other items that have wound up in your sock drawer to their proper location.

-Give away or donate any socks that you no longer wear.


Next you want to organize your socks by categories: awesome dress socks, crazy socks (for wearing on the weekends, or for hanging out around the house), running/exercise socks, warmer winter socks and low cut ankle socks.


Now comes the final step, getting your socks back into your drawer. But before you move your socks, you need to decide if you want to use any baskets or dividers to keep all of your socks neatly separated. Using dividers will definitely keep your socks much more organized and easier to locate. Drawer organizers are easy to find and are sold at most household store such as Winners, Canadian Tire, IKEA, The Bay, or Home Sense. But if you don't feel like purchasing any, you can make some really easily by using old shoe boxes.

If baskets or dividers aren't your style, just neatly fold or roll your awesome socks and place them neatly back into the drawer.

Happy organizing!

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