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Sock friendly last minute Halloween costumes:

Posted on October 30 2015

With Halloween just a day away, many of us are often left scrambling for costume ideas. But have no fear, as Yo Sox is here to help you out with some last minute, sock friendly Halloween costumes!

We promise that they are painlessly simple and just require a few items that you can most likely find by raiding some closets!

Risky Business

Putting together this simple is super easy and all it requires is a men's button up dress shirt, a pair of white cool socks, a pair of men's white boxer briefs (bike shorts can work too!) and finally finish the off the look with a pair of Risky Business black wayfarer shades! But most importantly, make sure you have perfected the iconic Tom Cruise slide. (link for scene from movie with slide)

Photo from Carbon Costume

Britney Spears

Oops you did it again! This Britney Spears costume is a classic and everyone will easily know that you are the queen of pop! Grab a tank top and wear a white button up dress shirt overtop. Then you need a grey button up cardigan sweater. Grab an pleated skirt, that resembles that of a school girl, some knee-high fashionable socks and a pair of flats or runners. Finally for your hair you will need to fluffy scrunchies for your pigtails and then finish with two braids tied with pink ribbon!

Photo from CostumZee

Michael Jackson

Another simple and great idea is going as Michael Jackson-- doing the moonwalk is optional! All you need is a white t-shirt, black leather jacket, a black fedora, some thick white socks, black pants, black sunglasses, black loafers and a white glove!

Photo from DIY Costumes via Pinterest

Tacky Tourist

Grab a camera, preferably with a neck strap, a pair of khaki shorts or pants, a pair of velcro sandals, a pair of awesome socks and a colorful Hawaiian shirt. Now look up with your camera while walking. Congratulations, you are officially a tourist!

The team at Yo Sox wants to wish everyone a safe and happy Halloween!

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