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Crazy Sock Facts

Posted on November 05 2015

Socks play a huge role in our wardrobe. The team over at Yo Sox likes to think that we are pretty knowledgeable about awesome socks, but like any important subject, there is always something new to learn. So we present to you 10 crazy facts about unique socks, (that we hope you didn't already know!)

1) The oldest known pair of socks is 1,600 years old and was excavated at the end of the 19th century from the burial grounds of ancient Oxyrhynchus, which is a Greek colony on the Nile in central Egypt. The socks were made out of red wool and actually have split toes, so they could be worn with sandals.

Sock Facts

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia

2) Have you ever wondered where the word sock actually came from? Well, the word 'sock' comes from the Latin word 'soccus' which was a loose-fitting slipper that was worn by Roman comic actors.

3) Experts have claimed that the first socks ever worn were worn by cavemen. They believe that caveman would wrap animal skins around their feet and tie them at the ankle. Animal fur was often used for extra warmth.

4) Your feet are one of the sweatiest parts on your body. Socks are worn to help absorb the sweat and move the moisture from the sweatier parts to areas of the foot where the moisture can easily evaporate.

5) In the eighth century BCE, the Greek poet Hesiod wrote about 'piloi', which were socks made from matted animal hair. (It is safe to say that we are glad to be wearing a pair of Yo Sox animal emoji's instead!)

emoji socks


6) According to Pex Wholesale, one of the largest sock distributors in the world, more often than not, people who wear mismatching socks are actually married. This is because people often choose socks in a dark room to avoid waking their sleeping spouse.

7) Oscar award winning actor George Clooney is known for looking dapper on the red carpet. But did you know that George only wears a pair of mens fashion socks once! After George wears a pair, he has them washed and then he donates them to a homeless shelter.

8) You can actually get socks made out of bamboo! Bamboo actually uses less water to grow than cotton, has few natural pests so it is easy to maintain and it uses less dye than cotton. Bamboo socks are also incredibly soft.

9) Premium knitwear brand Falke is known for producing excellent socks. But they actually really outdid themselves when they created a limited edition style of socks paid of vicuna wool. Vicuna is a rare Peruvian animal, quite similar to an alpaca. It produces wool that the manufacturer claimed makes the lightest, warmest and softest socks in the world. Only 10 pairs were produced and sold for £495, which is $757 US dollars!

10) In 1589 William Lee invented the first machine that wove socks because he felt his wife spent too much time weaving socks. Now that's a thoughtful husband!

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