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Beating The Work-Week Blues

Posted on November 12 2015

Stripe Socks

It's not uncommon to feel sluggish and anxious following an eventful weekend.  Follow the steps below to ensure you have a productive week. 

Prepare early:

If you feel your workload piling up and you have a lot of unfinished tasks, try mapping out the following week on Friday by prioritizing what can be done early and what work can be saved for the following week. Or maybe you have a dreadful task coming up, get it done early on Friday so you don't have to worry about it at the start of the new week.

Look ahead:

Take the time to appreciate the little things coming up later in the week. This will allow you to have a small victory to look forward to. Don't have something fun coming up? Plan an activity for you and a friend for the middle of the week. Plan to try a new restaurant or pick a new movie to see.  

Catch up on sleep:

If you are feeling a little lazy and unmotivated, a great way to feel refreshed is to catch a few extra Z's! Go to bed an hour or two earlier and try to wake up 15-20 minutes earlier the following morning. This will allow you to not only feel more refreshed and rested when you wake up, but you will also give yourself a few extra minutes in the morning to focus on yourself.

Do something nice for a someone else:

To take the attention off of yourself and your sluggish mood, try to do something nice for a coworker! Take someone for coffee, or treat them to lunch. Making someone else smile is always the best way to cure the blues! (We also recommend surprising someone with a pair of awesome socks from Yo Sox!) 

Dress to impress:

Finally, if you want to feel like a million bucks, then you need to dress like a million bucks! Choose to wear more colourful articles of clothing to help brighten your spirits. The team at Yo Sox believes the best way to do this is to add a pair of our Yo Sox mens crazy dress socks to your outfit!

By rocking a pair of fun mens dress socks to work will not only liven up your spirits, but your coworkers as well!

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