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The Cool Way To Order A Round

Posted on November 13 2015

How To Order A Pint


It is the most amazing day of the week... Friday! It is also time to grind out those last few hours at work because freedom is only a few hours away!

Perhaps you're planning on meeting up with your buddies for a few pints to catch up or you're planning on cruising solo. No matter what awesome plans you have lined up for the weekend, Yo Sox is here to help you become the hero of the night and teach you how to properly order a round of drinks.

Riding solo:

You are enjoying your first crisp pint of the night, just taking in the game and unwinding after a hectic work week. Out of the corner of your eye you notice a group of people you have done business with before. You notice that they are slowly scanning the menu as they try and decide what to order. Now is your chance to place an order for their drinks, which will arrive right before their food arrives. Make sure to let the server handling the table know the drinks were from you so the table knows who sent them over. Maybe they will even invite you over their table to show their thanks and if they do, stay for at least one drink -- maybe two if they're buying the next round!

Buying for a group of your friends:

Your group of friends are having a great time chatting and catching up, having so much fun they don't even notice their drinks are low. You however, notice that their drinks are a little low. Now is your chance to swoop in and grab the next round. And hey, you never know maybe this will encourage them to join in and grab the next one.

And as always, Yo Sox of course has the perfect lineup of awesome socks for you to rock on your night out!

Rock a pair of our awesome men's dress socks featuring Pizza & Beer. They're sure to be a hit at the bar.

Pizza & Beer Socks

And remember, it is always a smart idea to take on the role of playing the host. It allows everyone else to feel comfortable and you can guarantee everyone will be having a good time. If you decide to grab a round this weekend, it will definitely make your night a memorable one!

Have an awesome weekend from the Yo Sox team!

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