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Sock Phrases - Decoded

Posted on November 16 2015

sock phrases


The other day, a member of the Yo Sox team was working in our flagship store in Toronto when they overheard a customer joking around with their friend and told him to, "Put a sock in it!" This lead us on a manhunt, or 'sockhunt', for the best sock phrases.

Yo Sox's favourite sock phrases:

Sock it to me/someone!

This phrase can mean two things. First, it can mean to simply punch someone. It can also be used to tell bad news to someone in a straightforward manner.

Knock someone's socks off

This takes place when something is so big it can figuratively knock your socks off because you are so surprised.

Stuff a sock in it/Put a sock in it!

You can say this when you have heard enough and want someone to stop talking. According to an online source, this phrase is actually a colloquial British phrase that originated in the early 20th century. It is generally used when someone is being so noisy as to annoy others.

Pull your socks up!

You would say the phrase "pull your socks up" to someone if you think that need to improve the way they are behaving or the way they are doing something. For example: He will lose his job unless he pulls his socks up and starts doing a lot better.

And of course we will finish with our favourite Yo Sox socks with phrases on them!

Livin' The Dream

livin' the dream

I'm Kind Of A Big Deal

kind of a big deal


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