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Out of this World: Mice on Mars?

Posted on November 25 2015

UFO socks

One of the most time consuming, yet fascinating things that we wonder about is whether or not there is actually life in space. Yes, man has walked on the moon, and NASA has recently confirmed that they found water on Mars, so perhaps there is hope for some form of life.

But have you ever considered that animals could live in space -- mice to be exact? According to the Mirror, a 45-year-old man by the name of Joe White claims that he spotted a giant mouse in footage captured by NASA's mobile curiosity rover. White says that in footage shared online by NASA he noticed a large dark shape scurrying across the surface of the red planet, resembling a large mouse.

If you look closely at the photograph below, Mr. White's claim does have some truth, as the circled object could resemble a small rodent.. Or it could also be a rock. But what does the Yo Sox team know about space anyway?

Mice on Mars

Whether there is potentially life in space, or this is just another optical illusion seen by an alien life enthusiast, it is exciting to think about what could potentially be life beyond Earth. Which is why our newly released Yo Sox UFO socks are the perfect addition for space enthusiasts.

The Yo Sox team might not know much about space, but we know a lot about funky dress socks, which is why these awesome socks are truly out of this world and are the ideal pair of socks for any extraterrestrial buff.

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